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REPORT: Florida State guard Devin Vassell “has some fans” in the Knicks’ front office

He’s really good.

Florida State v Notre Dame Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

After the initial disappointment of the Knicks falling to eighth in the 2020 NBA Draft lottery, I went to YouTube for some solace. My source of comfort: this highlight video of perhaps my favorite player in the draft, Florida State shooting guard Devin Vassell.

Ah, that’s the stuff. Vassell was one of the best players in college last season and arguably the best defender in the draft. And he should be available when the Knicks pick at No. 8. All we need is for the Knicks to show a bit of interest.

And then Ian Begley dropped a tasty nugget Friday morning to brighten my day:

If New York decides to take the best player available at eight, regardless of position, players like Auburn’s Isaac Okoro, Florida State’s Devin Vassell and Patrick Williams could be there. Dayton’s Obi Toppin is unlikely to be on the board at eight.

Vassell, it’s worth noting, has some fans at Madison Square Garden, sources say.

Here’s Vassell’s Know the Prospect profile, if you haven’t seen it already. He’s quite good. I’d be more concerned if the Knicks didn’t like him.

This could be the move that finally rectify’s Scott Perry’s mistake of not picking Mikal Bridges in 2018.