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Members of the Knicks react to the NBA’s player strike

Solidarity is their M.O.

NBA Games Postponed Due To Player Protest Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Fed up after the latest unnecessary shooting of a black man by police in the United States, NBA players are using their platform to try and keep the nation’s attention on racial injustice by cancelling this week’s playoff games. Although the Knicks are not in the bubble, many players signaled support for their brothers in basketball. Good for them!

The NBA playoffs were going smoothly up until this week, but then 29-year-old Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin while he was reaching into his car. The whole thing was caught on video, and the incident sparked a round of back and forth that we’ve become far too used to in this country.

The Milwaukee Bucks were the first to take action, deciding early Wednesday that they would not play their scheduled playoff game against the Orlando Magic.

Other teams followed suit, and by Wednesday evening we were being told that the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers had voted not to finish the postseason. Currently, it seems like basketball will be back sooner than later, but the message has still been delivered. Depending on who you are, you either saw everything as noble or annoying. Do yourself a favor and be on the right side of this.

The Knicks, as an organization, wasted no time putting out a statement in support of the player strike. Even if it was just to avoid public scrutiny, it’s nice that we won’t be holding days of discussions wondering if and when the Knicks will say something.

The NBA also wasted no time taking some kind of action, saying on Friday that every available arena will be converted into a voting center for the upcoming election in November.

When it comes to the players that currently make up the Knicks roster, there was plenty of online support for their brethren. Let’s see how some of our favorite Knicks showed solidarity with their NBA peers.

Julius Randle:

Elfrid Payton:

Maurice Harkless:

Bobby Portis

Frank Ntilikina:

Damyean Dotson:

Theo Pinson: