NBA Draft 2020 Draft Board ver.2

I created about 6 weeks ago. Continuing to update based on film I've watched. I'm not an expert, and base my thought process on scouting video, one on one matchups, and draftee interviews while breaking down film.

Round 1 Pick 8 Cole Anthony Guard 6'3 190 UNC

Initially I had Tyrese Haliburton as the point guard pick if Danny Avdija was gone. I am certain Avdija is gone by pick 8, but I think Haliburton is a little overhyped, and I think Anthony is a little underhyped. There are players that can carry a team, and players that are really good complimentary players. Cole Anthony is a guy that can be a premier player.


  • Get to any spot on the court that he wants through handle, quickness
  • Good shooter when squared up
  • Can elevate, shoot off of dribble, and create for himself with runners, floaters,
  • Way above average re bounder (Jason Kidd),
  • Averaged triple double in high school, ability to pass is there with better players around him.
  • Stats compare favorably to, and exceed in all categories Anthony Edwards (potential 1st pick). Cole had higher rebounding, assist, steals, free throw, 3PT percentages.


  • Shot selection is poor.
  • Ball stopper

Alternate Options (in order)

  • Haliburton - Can't dribble. Does a lot of things to affect game offensively and defensively. Secondary ball handler reality is real issue.
  • Killian Hayes - like Zoolander he's a uniturner can't turn right. Presents upside as a combo guard.

Round 1 PIck 27 Jordan Nwora F 6'7 225 Louisville

Have not moved from Nwora, other than to elevate him to my primary choice at 27. He is NBA ready with 1 elite skill (shooting), and 1 above average skill (rebounding). Can see him playing anywhere between 2-4 position on the court depending on big or small lineup. He's a more consistent shooter than Reggie Bullock from deep, with a more diverse offense including dribble drives, pull ups, floaters. He can also be played alongside RJ Barrett, and Kevin Knox allowing both to develop without stealing minutes from either.


  • Top 5 shooter in this draft. Elite, especially for someone 6'7 or taller. Can space the floor. Playing small ball PF would allow 4 shooters on floor.
  • Talent for scoring in variety of ways from spot up, to jab step, to pull up jumper, as well as floaters, in the lane. Great overall touch for scoring.
  • Rebounding is above average for a wing.
  • More athletic than people think, but is more of a 2 legged jumper meaning he has to gather himself.

Improvement Areas

  • Defensive lateral quickness. Can stay with regular guys, but will struggle with wings with elite handle or athleticism.

Alternate Options (in order)

  • Paul Reed PF - Has legitimate elite level skill defensively (steals, rebounds, blocks). Too light to be PF, to limited to be SF. Kenny Wooten 2.0?
  • Kira Lewis PG - Have seen a lot of mock drafts with Lewis pushed back to late 1st, and early 2nd due to so many PG options being available. If he is available, potential starter needing 2 years to get there. Outplayed by Cole Anthony, Haliburton, Kentucky's PG trio this season alone.

Round 2 Pick 38 Mason Jones G 6'5 Arkansas

Isaiah Joe has gotten all the love for Arkansas, but Mason Jones has put in all the work. If this draft is looked at 5 years from now, Mason Jones could be the guy being re-drafted as a top 5 pick. He's severely pushed down because he had 2 years of JUCO, followed by 2 years at Arkansas. The reality is he was 270 pounds in junior college, and started Arkansas at 230 pounds. He has basically a new body, and the sky is the limit for this player that led Arkansas in scoring, rebounding, assists, and steals at 6'5.


  • Elite scorer - Is a clone of James Harden the way Kobe cloned MJ's game. Outplayed Anthony Edwards (Georgia), KY trio (Maxey, Quickley, Hagans). Averages of 22PPG on 42% shooting, 36% 3PT, 80% FT.
  • Elite FT - Similar to Harden, averages an insane 10 free throws a game (#1 in NCAA), converting 80%.
  • 3 Level Scoring - Step back jumper out to 3 signature move, pull ups, layups, and floaters come off dribble easily.
  • Above average ball handler, can play PG or SG

Improvement Areas

  • Plays below rim. Watched 5 games, multiple scouting videos, never saw him dunk or really get up.
  • Burst is average - Again, similar to Harden. Doesn't seem to be moving fast ever, but relies on craftiness. Shows up on defense however.
  • Defense- Average at best and needs improvement.