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Investigating which Knicks executive likes to lotion his feet during interviews

This is what it looks like when you fail to make the bubble

Run barefoot
Are these the feet in question?
Photo by Ute Grabowsky/Photothek via Getty Images

Twitter is mostly a modern day factory for frightmares and nightmares, and late Monday evening we were treated to a doozy. According to The Athletic’s Wosny Lambre, “there’s a prominent NYK executive who is well known for the practice of lotioning his feet while conducting job interviews back when he was at one of his last stops.”

So, there you have it. And look, before we go any further, this isn’t meant to shame anyone. Lotion can be very helpful for various parts of the body. You should try it on your elbows, especially if you spend all day leaning on a desk while typing on a computer.

Unfortunately, Lambre has not illuminated who the foot lotioner is, and thus far he has yet to respond to multiple Tweets requesting further information.

Here are a few of the possible culprits:

Scott Perry

When you Google ‘Scott Perry foot lotion,’ nothing notable comes up. Perry just doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would kick off his shoes and lotion up his feet while meeting with job candidates, and he’s been here for a bit, so you would think that if it was him we might have already heard something.

Leon Rose

Could it be the guy charged with running the whole team? Unlikely. Rose feels like a guy who would tend to keep his shoes on while at work. Then again, we don’t know too much about him. Perhaps Rose feels a strong desire to keep those toes from getting too dry.

William Wesley

For reasons unknown, Worldwide Wes is ringing a bell. Maybe it’s his nickname, which implies that he’s a cool cat who would feel totally comfortable letting his feet breathe while discussing important business matters during a job interview. To be clear, there’s no serious evidence that Wes is the guy. But if you had a wager a guess out of these three, wouldn’t it be him?

Here’s a list of every front office executive working for the Knicks right now. There are many choices, but the fact that Lambre described this person as “prominent” suggests it’s probably one of the bigger names to be recently hired.

The weirdest part of all this is that it’s not Phil Jackson, who no longer works for the Knicks and isn’t shy about showing off his feet.

Ultimately, the results here are inconclusive. We can only wonder which prominent Knicks executive liked to lotion his feet while conducting interviews at his previous job. While the investigation didn’t result in a clear cut foot lotioner, hopefully you got a kick out of the situation.


Which Knicks executive likes to lotion their feet during interviews?

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    William ‘Worldwide Wes’ Wesley
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