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Calling all September P&T mailbag questions

Get it while you can.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Brooklyn Nets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports


This is the line at a Bay Area DMV. Sometimes — more now than before, I reckon — it feels like all the world is sliding toward hell and oblivion. In that sense, the DMV seems an appropriate table wine to complement the pending Apocalypse.

So are the New York Knicks! Sure, the NBA is likely to push the draft back to mid-November. And the 2021 regular season may not even start till actually 2021. And the Nazi pawn in power in D.C. looks more likely to launch a civil war than concede the election to the Republican the Democrats have nominated to replace him. So who knows if we’ll even still be healthy, sane or alive enough in a few months to fight over who the Knicks draft (or don’t)? If we’ll last till day one of the Thibodeau Era? We may never see another Julius Randle spin move.

So let’s mailbag. Ask a question. Offer a hypothetical. Get into narrative. Statistics. Big picture. Small picture. What would you like to see more or less of as a purveyor of online basketball content? What brings you back day after day to confront this present darkness? What examples of light might better occupy our attention? I have one.

Comment below, or at P&T’s Twitter page. See you in the funny pages.