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Ep. 64 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast

The Knicks might not take a point guard?!?!? Plus the Clippers collapse and the Heat and Celtics continue their Eastern Conference heavyweight fight.

Hey everyone! I’m back with a new show this week talking Knicks and NBA news. Here is the show rundown:

-The Knicks are not “married to taking a point guard” in the upcoming draft. I explain why they should elope if they have to in order to get a point guard.

-The Fred VanVleet and Chris Paul rumors continue. I breakdown the latest.

-In the bubble: The Clippers blow it. Plus the Nuggets shock the basketball world and now face the Lakers.

-And of course, I breakdown Heat-Celtics and the possible NBA Finals matchups.

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To listen to this week’s podcast click here: Ep. 64 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast.

Thanks as always for listening and stay safe!