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Practice Preview: Blue vs White, 9/21/2020

What to expect at this closed practice.

The Knicks probably have a practice sesh today. Which should be in Westchester, this much we know. Good for them, they’re getting ready for a season that has not been scheduled yet and has been pushed back by the pandy. The 2019-2020 season isn’t over yet, and the Knicks have been out of focus since March, but here at the end of September with positively nothing of import going on, you can’t possibly stop me from letting you know what to expect. The Knicks are on their grizzly, which means I got the goods for you hoods.

Check out what the Knicks looked like before the coronavirus hacked up the world.

This is why we play, baybay!

Projected Starters

It wouldn’t shock me if Jared Harper took the reins from Dennis Smith Jr. pretty early in the scrimmage. Frank Ntilikina’s pressure is probably too much for DSJ, poor kid. Harper is more of a bulldog that knows how to scurry, and it puts frank in catch up mode.

Luckily Frank sends Harper into help more often than not, unfortunately Harper knows to drive at Kevin Knox who shows some passive resistance. Not the kind we need in these days and times when fascism has thrown it’s cold steel hands on our necks. Be productive, or suffer at the hands of my indiscretion you pained nub of a human! I will grind you down until there is nothing left, and demand that you give me more! MORE! MOAR!

Content to leave it there, let’s have a look at what the coaches will be looking for.

Keys & Predictions

Head Coach Tom Thibodeau will be looking for a veteran point that can lead this team to the promised land, perhaps an 8th seed in the East. Perhaps not. Regardless he’ll want someone that Julius Randle feels obligated to give the ball to.

Then you have the aforementioned Ntilikina and Smith along with RJ Barrett, Kevin Knox, Iggy Brazdeikis, Damyean Dotson, Randle... Hell, even Kenny Wooten and Mitchell Robinson who need to work on their shooting. Because not a damn one of them is a knock down shooter.

Knock down rhymes with lock down, and Smith Jr., Barret, Knox, Brazdeikis, Wayne Ellington, Randle, Wooten, Robinson and Dotson will be trying to work out how to be tighter and more together. People, social people, will take photos of Frank drinking water at the fountain during this session.

Knicks by -9

Warm Up Music