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BREAKING NEWS: Knicks release video clip of Frank Ntilikina shooting jump shots

This is big, people.

New York Knicks v Washington Wizards Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

News has been slow to leak out of Camp Thibs, the multi-week training camp designed to transform the young New York Knicks from a ragtag group of boys into a hardened TEAM OF BASKETBALL MEN. HOO-RAH! There has been the occasional photo of workouts and weigh lifting — RJ Barrett looking swole as usual, Iggy Brazdeikis looking surprisingly swole — but not much footage. They did have Mitchell Robinson shooting mid-range jumpers, but we’ve been watching Mitch shoot jumpers on Instagram all summer. I’ve been fooled before— I gotta see it in the game first, Mitch.

On Monday night, however, the Knicks released some clear footage of Frank Ntilikina shooting corner threes. And it was magnificent. Let’s all stare at it like a bunch of weirdos!

The Knicks played this one smart, releasing the footage on a day when both Conference Finals are off. This is the only game in town. I talked to Prez, who wrote an article detailing Frank’s struggles with the jumper back in February, to ask him to break down the footage:

Based on math, observers have noted that Frank is now hitting approximately 91% of his threes. If these trends continue...ayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

God I miss Knicks basketball.