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The OAKAAK dudes that are still playing

A list of the people that have the vaguest connection to a team that has done almost nothing since March because there is not much to say about a team that isn’t playing games whether meaningful or otherwise.


As the aimless saying that someone somewhat recently kinda lamely came up with goes, “Once a Knick, Always a Knick”. It shows real pride in the multi-billion dollar corporate religion we call sports. I love the guys that were Knicks, and I love basketball, and I will follow them into the depths of hell to get my fix, man. Now that the Knicks season has- at long last- just been cinched up, it’s time to pay homage to some of the players we still love. Even though they aren’t Knicks anymore, it doesn’t mean they aren’t still on the Knicks in our stupid hearts.

There are four more teams left, fighting their way to get to the NBA Finals. The Heat, Lakers, Nuggets and Celtics. All your favorites. So let’s take a look at their lineups and pay homage to our heroes. Shall we start with the South Beach OAKAAK contingent? They’re kind of the home team, they deserve the honors.

So yea... looks like no one on their team has ever played for the Knicks. Except... you can kind of count Andre Iguodala because the Knicks were too stupid (right? Too damned dumb?) to trade for him after he totally verbally abused them and the Warriors had to trade him to Memphis. He thought the Grizzlies would suck so he sat out the year until they traded him, and then they nearly made the playoffs. What a dickwad. Knicks, lol.

In Boston, the Celtics have several former Knicks, that are always going to be Knicks. Let’s take a look at the roster here... Ah yes.

This loser and the losing losers who want him are the worst. New Yorkers that are losers and grieved Kanter’s terrible play deserve all the losses the Knicks provide.

Get out of the car loser, wherever we’re going, no one wants you.

That’s actually it for the Celtics, no more always-Knicks. How about the Lakers? Who’s on their roster? They probably always have Knicks. Do brothers count? Not... just brothers... I mean people who have the same parents and are blood related. Although- when you think about it, earth people are probably related. Like, when you really got down to square one. At some point something came from nothing, and then at some point after that, there came a person. Then people... somehow! Who knows how!? You knows? I bet you doesn’t.

So, right, the question I’m asking is does Markieff Morris count? He’s a twin. Practically the same as Marcus Morris, except they are indeed not the same person they just appear to be very similar. What about Kostas Antetokounmpo? He’s related to once a Knick Thanasis Antetokounmpo and soon to be Knick, Giannis Antetokounmpo. I’m hype for those links because I know how to spell that name, no god damned problem. I can spell good. But answer the question, you rat. Does Kostas count?

I don’t care if he counts, you know why? Cus JR Smith counts! Hell yea, let’s go, always a Knick! Always a Knick! Always! His brother Chris is always a Knick too! Always! A Knicks! Let’s go!

Yea I feel good now, for the first time since the Knicks and the NBA at large suspended their season in March. Which was six months ago. There has been nothing much happening with the Knicks for half a year. And most of the world has been put on hold. Ok, I can’t lie, they made some personnel decisions, I have to respect this.

The last team left is the Nuggets and when you look at their roster, you just are astounded. Huge contributor to past success, Noah Vonleh, just screams out to you. And again brotherly connections with Mason Plumlee and Jerami Grant. Once a Knick, always a Knick.

When you watch the playoffs, which former Knicks are you gonna watch most closely? Let us know in the comments!