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OPINION: The Knicks should acquire Chris Paul as a piece in a larger trade for Luguentz Dort

I had a change of heart, or whatever, 7th in MVP voting, rah rah. Gotta get CP3 or something.

Houston Rockets v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Four Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In all my wildest dreams I never would have thought that one day I’d possibly recant a statement I’ve made. This may indeed be the first time, ever in my life, that I leapt before I looked. It’s sad, confusing. Yet here I am, before you, today, I would like to say that despite Chris Paul being one of my least favorite players since Reginald Miller, I now firmly believe the Knicks need him on their team.

The first step in this reclamation of my barren soul is for the Knicks to trade assets. Yes I know I said not to trade any assets in my previous Chris Paul opinion, but now I see the light and the Knicks, in fact, need to divest just a smidge in an effort to attain the seventh-best MVP of the 2019-20 season. Please follow my simple plan on how to get this done, and we can all move forward into the warmth of the light, for I have seen it!

Here’s what to do, no skipping steps! This is not a recipe per se, but a sequence of events that brings the Knicks back to prominence and dominance. Ok, fine. You can do it out of order, if you like, but you absolutely cannot dismiss any one of these prescribed steps.

Step 1:

Secure Killian Hayes. We already know that I think he’s the best player in the draft, but other people think it too. Attach a few assets if needed. Nothing too wacky! The eighth pick, sure. Kevin Knox and/or Dennis Smith Jr.? Yea why not? Cut ‘em loose! The need to acquire Hayes is proof not only of Leon Rose’s ability to take the steps I am detailing for you here today, but, in fact, it implies the man knows how to walk the walk.

Step 2:

Retain RJ Barrett and Frank Ntilikina. If the Knicks are going to have Killian Hayes on the roster, they’ll need to hold on to all their French-speaking friends. As evidenced in the above video, Hayes can barely speak English, even though he was born in America and his dad is American and speaks-ah the language-ah. Now, I understand everything young maestro Killian says, but that’s because I’m a master of accents. Whereas you probably had a lot of trouble understanding him. Fear not, for there’s a workaround, mon ami! We can just let Killian focus on basketball, while we learn French. Easy, breezy, Franco-cheesy.

The Knicks should also- and now this is still part of step 2- hold onto Mitchell Robinson. Luckily Mitchell probably grew up with everyone he knows speaking some kinda French-ish Creole. He’ll get along just fine, if you keep him, re-sign him perhaps.

Step 3:

Ok, now draft Yves Pons because monsieur Yves... he whups that derriere, mon frere!

Pons is a very bouncy et muscular young man that speaks French and is pals with Ntilikina.

You know- in the off chance he gets left in the green room, they could potentially just sign him as an un-drafted free agent. I just realized that. Anyway, that leads me in a direct line to...

Step 4:

Trade for Luguentz Dort. Do whatever it takes to follow steps one through three and with whatever you have left, Julius Randle perhaps, you make the hard push for Lu Dort, who is Hatian and Canadian and speaks French! Things are really coming together now.

Step 5:

Get Chris Paul as a toss-in to make salaries match, in the major, blockbusting Dort deal. He might be able to perfectly compliment the young Francophile core as the twilight of his career continues to fade out. He’ll be 37 and on his way out the door as the new New York Knicks learn from him and step into their pre-primes. With a couple of first round exits under their belts to boot. Because truth be told — word to Julius Hodge —I don’t need that nut cruncher in New York! He can hoop or whatever, but the Knicks shouldn’t be wasting time and assets trying to get this scam artist! But as a throw-in, he’s perfect.

So in the end, that’s how you do it. Click the French connection bros into place and you got something rocking. CP-Trois as the big money veteran “presence”, who is really just a throw away contract to help you grab Dort and you can roll out a pretty nice lineup.

1- Killian Hayes

2- Frank Ntilikina

3- RJ Barrett

4- Yves Pons

5- Mitchell Robinson

6th man- Lu Dort

7th in MVP voting- Chris Paul.