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The 2020 NBA Draft is being pushed back to November

So, will training camp start in 2021?

Jim Dolan, Cablevision CEO and Madison Square Garden chairma Photo by Keith Torrie/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

I know we’re largely sitting around having a hard time making plans for the future. Some of us don’t even know if there’s a future worth living in if there’s a future. That’s all well and good, obviously, I’m not the one to tell you how to live your life. Even though you can call me Pablo Prigioni because I have the secrets.

This world’s long walk may indeed be starting here and now on the last few planks of a short pier. Who knows? All we got is the peaty, cooling rubber air of dried whiskey burning the back of our tracheas and the pissed knickers we’ll walk home in. Friends, at least we can walk it together. Dead moony eyes, Knicks fans that just want to know the sobriety of an itch that can be scratched, the satiable ballast of fulfillment. We must know it!

We are simple souls, who have been taken advantage of on this rickety carnival ride. It costs to get on and will damn sure cost you if you’re trying to get off. This fun house mirror is a maze for your mind to race as your heart pumps fear into the never ending reflection of your fandom. Well the final chapter may be in sight, or there may be a tunnel at the end of the light. Doom is your only salvation and that’s why we have the NBA Draft.

November!? That’s not so far away, everyone. Not the way time operates nowadays. I believe November hits right after the world ends and we have civil unrest, disease, fire, earthquakes, blizzardsXheatwaves just did a collab. So, we’ll see what that all looks like on the other side soon enough. Being that this draft is comprised of turkeys and pumpkins anyway, it makes sense to push it back to Thanks Grieving. Bless us all, I hope we’re alive by then and feeling fantastic. Can’t wait to miss on the best player in this draft by one spot. It will be a further blessing to be ridiculed by NBA fans and media alike. We really are the master of our reality.

The stupid Knicks revolving front office was not bold enough to trade their only viable player-assets to move up and snag the great whoever. Similarly the only team that missed out on so and so at pick 52 was the Knicks. And the prophecy will be self fulfilled. Fare the well.


November 18! This sucks.