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Game Preview: Knicks vs Nuggets, 1/10/21

Don’t catch a cold in them there hills!

Knicks V Nuggets

Why is it that I don’t much leave the house these days? I’m sure theres a reason that I’m just forgetting at the moment. Oh right. I remember. No, not the first of what may be serialized coup attempts to install a fascist dictator. Though that’s a good candidate. There’s a different reason. I’ll think of it.

Knicks play basketball tonight! Early game, 6:00! Set your watches. This is game ten! An important bench mark. Last year by game ten this happened:

Well they’re not performing to the level we thought they would have again. Only this time it’s a bit more pleasant. Can they continue to keep their heads above water? Tune in to see them thump it out with one of the Western Conference’s top tier teams.

Projected Starters

Elfrid Payton v. Jamal Murray

Reggie Bullock v. Gary Harris

RJ Barrett v. Will Barton

Julius Randle v. Paul Millsap

Mitchell Robinson v. Nikola Jokic

I know you’ve been waiting for the Immanuel Quickley break out game but he did himself a disservice in their last game against- admittedly- a sound defensive unit in Oklahoma City. It was nice to see him eschew the 10-15’ floaters in an attempt to get all the way to the rim, but his shot selection left something to be desired. That will keep Elfrid Payton in the driver’s seat for a while longer.

Still no Frank Ntilikina (knee), Alec Burks (ankle), Obi Toppin (calf) or Taj Gibson (COVID protocol) for the Knicks.

Denver is without Michael Porter Jr. (COVID Protocol)

Denver Nuggets Dikembe Mutombo looks up to the bas Photo credit should read MARK PHILLIPS/AFP via Getty Images

Keys & Matchups

For the Knicks to have a chance we’ll have to get one of Mitchell Robinson’s best efforts. For the most part he’s been able to steer clear of foul trouble, but the amount of touches Nikola Jokic gets could test Mitchell’s mettle. He has been so consistent, reining in some of his more jumpy instincts and keeping his hands out of harm’s way.

The other guy we’ll need to see something extra from is Julius Randle. After a scoreless first half, Jules pressed a little bit in the second trying to make up for lost time but the Knicks never really put anything together. He still ended up having a nice game and the Knicks’ chances to win start and end with Randle. That’s why we’ll need some more of that largesse we’re trying to grow accustomed to.

Something tells me this is the Facundo Campazzo game that is destined to haunt me personally for the rest of my life.

Knicks by -34

1992 All Star Game Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Warm Up Music

Hey, hey, kids! Here’s a nice dance. Let’s do the Cuckoo COVID Coup Coup.

Everybody on the dance floor! Work it out, y’all!