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Ep. 81 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast

The Knicks come back down to the earth as the Nets swing for the fences while putting their long term future at risk...again.

Hey everyone! I’m back with a new show this week talking all things Knicks and NBA. Here is the show rundown:

-Four straight losses for the Knicks as New York comes hurdling back towards earth. I look into the team’s offensive problems and tough road stretch ahead.

-Plus struggles for RJ Barrett and Elfrid Payton and some positives from the Brooklyn defeat.

-I also breakdown the four team mega trade that sent James Harden to the Nets. Who won the trade? Who will win the trade? And can the Nets win a title this season?

-Also the NBA has eight games postponed due to COVID-19 this week. What is the latest moving forward with how the league handles the pandemic?

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To listen to this week’s podcast click here: Ep. 81 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast.

Thanks as always for listening and stay safe!