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REPORT: Dennis Smith Jr. asks Knicks to send him to the G League bubble

Good for DSJ.

NBA: New York Knicks at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a rough few years for Dennis Smith Jr. The former lottery pick lost his starting point guard job, then fell out of the Knicks’ rotation altogether. So far this season he has played only 28 minutes total despite that fact that most Knicks guards have missed at least some time due to injury.

But Dennis is not content to wallow away in self-pity on the bench all season. Per Stefan Bondy of the Daily News, Smith has requested to play in the month-long G League bubble, which kicks off Feb. 10 at Walt Disney World. The Knicks are expected to grant his request.

From what I understand, this G League season will be different from past campaigns — there will be no willy-nilly back-and-forth between the big clubs and their affiliates once the players enter the bubble. Unless a catastrophic number of injuries befall the Knicks, expect DSJ to be gone the entire month.

Good for you, Dennis. While he no longer has a role with the Knicks, he seems like a good kid, and he deserves a chance to show off his skills for his next contract. We wish him the best.