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Ep. 80 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast

I never thought I’d say it this year, but GET EXCITED ABOUT THE KNICKS!

Hey everyone! I’m back with a new show this week talking all things Knicks and NBA! Here is the show rundown:

-The Knicks are good! I go back through three impressive wins for the Knicks and their 5-3 start overall.

-The impact of new additions from Tibs to Austin Rivers to Immanuel Quickley and much more!

-Plus the returning players who have made such a massive impact led by Julius Randle.

-Finally, I went off the rails and was just happy and gushed more over why I’m excited the Knicks are starting the season so well. (And why it could very well continue.)

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To listen to this week’s show click here: Ep. 80 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast.

Thanks as always for listening and stay safe!