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Knicks 92, Pacers 84 : Scenes from a real & real fun comeback

Sometimes a nice ol’ fashioned is all you need.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at New York Knicks Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks trailed much of the game and most of the second half, falling behind a dozen points in the third before a dominant defensive fourth earned them a 92-84 win over the Indiana Pacers. The buzz around this team has been anxious of late, in an ambient sense, like something in the air. Nobody was free from the stink — Tom Thibodeau, Julius Randle, Kemba Walker, the starters. After tonight’s performance, everybody came out smelling a lil’ bit sweeter.

The first hint of light took the form of Kemba, who came out firing — and with flair.

So nice let’s see it twice. After year after year spent watching point guards who couldn’t break down a cardboard box, you deserve to linger on that move.

There was a conscious effort early to get the ball and the players more in motion. It’s nice to see Randle not pulling up from 3 or shooting a fadeaway, lovely as they often are.

As long as we’re celebrating beauty...

Obi Toppin calls for this alley-oop with almost psionic precognition.

Let’s double down on the Obi highlights with a double-clutch.

But as has been the case often this season, the Third Quarter of Doom saw the Pacers rattle off a 13-0 run to take a 12-point lead. Not many bigs go at Mitchell Robinson one-on-one down low and score over him. Not many bigs are Domantas Sabonis.

The Pacers played some beautiful defense. Like, museum-level beautiful.

New York began to pull closer and closer late in the third, finally tying it early in the fourth thanks to Immanuel Quickley.

IQ was terrific, later putting the Knicks ahead.

The Knicks used a late 8-0 run to clinch the W, none more exhilarating than Derrick Rose finding RJ Barrett on the break.

You know how it’s way more fun to read recaps when the Knicks win? This was a super-fun win, even for a win. Bootum has the recap later. Yay fun!