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Raptors 90, Knicks 87: Scenes from at least Obi Toppin got decent burn

The ending sucked, though.

New York Knicks v Toronto Raptors Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images

Lord, I am so sick of this crap. Perhaps it is the fault of last year’s Knicks club — we fans got a brief taste of success, and now it’s harder to swallow game after game of traditional Knicks heartache and bullshit.

Anyway, the Knicks fought back yet again after the starters dug a massive hole in Toronto. They even managed to take a one-point lead in the waning minutes. But one of their less obvious bugaboos — rebounding — came back to bite them in the ass, as the Raptors got three chances to sink the go-ahead three. Julius Randle missed a go-ahead three of his own — one of his many clutch blunders — with 1.9 seconds remaining. RJ Barrett missed a desperation three to tie, and that was all she wrote.

The game ball goes to Obi Toppin, who had a career-high in points (19) and rebounds (10). Tom Thibodeau was so desperate for a spark with the Knicks down 20 in the first half that he actually played Obi and Randle together, and he did the same in the second half. He’ll probably never do it again, though, because he’s one stubborn S.O.B.

I promised my wife I’d watch a movie with her, so no recap tonight. Also, you don’t want to know more about this game. Enjoy your weekend!