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Bucks 112, Knicks 97: Scenes from a matinee turned massacre

The bad times keep on rolling.

Milwaukee Bucks v New York Knicks Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

The New York Knicks got their butts kicked Sunday afternoon. It was a thorough whupping. They lost the first quarter by double-digits, when they scored just 16 points. They scored 32 in the second, but were outscored. They scored 31 in the third and were again outscored. If basketball games were 11 quarters long, they would’ve been outscored for all 11.

Theories abound. RJ Barrett and Obi Toppin were both out due to Covid protocols. Alec Burks was out in anticipating of his baby being born (yay, Baby Burks!). As has been commonplace this season, the Knicks had one center out (Taj Gibson) while the two who played disappointed. Julius Randle did everything but score, which is quirky in the manner of a restaurant that serves food but doesn’t have a bathroom (I worked in such a place). Randle was overpassing. Evan Fournier’s defense made Reggie Bullock’s look like Tony Allen’s.

And while we continue to struggle with getting a feel for this year’s Knicks, the defending champs are no such conundrum. The Bucks are good, and were from the jump.

This was the fifth time in the past six games the Knicks trailed by 20+; in that sense, this loss was familiar. Today’s fake comeback was fueled by Quentin Grimes and Kevin Knox, in which sense this loss was unprecedented. In that spirit, be sure to check out the recap later. Love you, loves.