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Westchester Knicks storylines to follow during 2021-22 season

Assignment players and possible NBA promotions are storylines to follow this season.

Long Island Nets v Westchester Knicks Photo by Chris Marion/NBAE via Getty Images

The Westchester Knicks are in the early stages of the 2021-22 campaign and there are many intriguing storylines to following throughout the season. With Westchester being a developmental team, the team could see new faces with rookies being assigned to the team. On the other side, there’s a chance a player departs Westchester via an NBA call-up.

Here are some storylines to follow during the 2021-22 G League season.

Will there be New York Knicks assigned to Westchester?

Since Westchester became the New York Knicks’ G League affiliate in 2014, players have been assigned to the Dub Knicks. Quentin Grimes and Jericho Sims haven’t suited for in Westchester at the moment, but the Knicks’ rookies will be there at some point in the season. Knicks’ head coach Tom Thibodeau said the team will try to spot the rookies time in the G League here and there, according to Marc Berman of The New York Post.

Jericho Sims (4.8 MPG in 6 games) and Quentin Grimes (3.7 MPG in 5 games) aren’t in the rotation, so it would benefit them at some point in the season to get time on the court to develop their game. It’s common that some players may not see playing time with the NBA team early in their career, so getting meaningful minutes is valuable in the growth and development in young players.

Can Miles McBride build off time in Westchester?

Miles McBride made his G League debut on November 17 against the Long Island Nets. While it took some time for him to get it going, the 2021 second-round pick started to heat up and made an impact quick. McBride was getting to the basket and showcased his energy on the floor. He was running the offense well and showed quick hands where he forced turnovers.

McBride recorded 25 points, nine assists, five rebounds and two steals while shooting 10-of-24 from the field in his lone G League game. He could see more time in Westchester throughout the season, but it will help prepare him for when his number is called with the New York Knicks.

Does the NBA call-up trend continue?

The Westchester Knicks have seen at least one player earn an NBA call-up since 2014. The Knicks have continued to put players in the best position to succeed and further develop their game, while preparing them for their next opportunity in the NBA. Young players or former NBA players have joined Westchester and eventually earned a promotion to the Association.

Aamir Simms, Brandon Williams and Tyler Hall have played well early in the season and will likely put themselves in the call-up discussion if they continue their strong play. With the solid developmental foundation in place in Westchester, expect the call-up trend to continue this season.