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What to expect from the Westchester Knicks in the G League bubble

With a talented roster, Westchester could have a chance at the postseason. The call-up trend should continue this season as well.

2021 Westchester Knicks Content Day Photo by Juan Ocampo/NBAE via Getty Images

There are many things to look forward to this G League season. The Westchester Knicks possibly have one of the most talented rosters in the NBAGL, which could propel them into the postseason. Westchester has seen at least one NBA call-up since 2014, which means there maybe a future New York Knick on this roster.

NBA Call-Up

Westchester has produced nine direct call-ups to the New York Knicks since 2014 (Westchester’s first season), which is tied for third most amongst G League teams. The Dub Knicks have seen 15 NBA promotions in that span, which is also tied for third in the NBAGL.

Westchester’s roster is filled with former NBA players, great shooters, and defenders. If the past is an indicator on this season, one Westchester Knick will be suiting up with the New York Knicks later in the NBA season.

As of Febuary 8, the Knicks have no open roster spots. If a Westchester Knick performs well in the Disney bubble, the Knicks would have to open a roster spot either on the 15-man roster or with their two-way players.

Dub Knick To Follow

There are a few Westchester Knicks to follow this season, but Justin Patton stands out. Not only did he play in 35 total games last season, which was the most since his freshman season at Creighton, but he was able to make a great impact with the Oklahoma City Blue and Wisconsin Herd. Patton showed his presence inside, was able to rebound the ball, and was a solid passer for a big man. He was the only player to average at least 12.0 points, 7.0 rebounds, 3.0 blocks, and 2.5 assists per game last season.

Justin Patton Twitter thread

Good Offense/Defense Balance

Along with Patton’s presence inside, Westchester has other solid defenders like Louis King and Tra-Deon Hollins. King has active hands and is a good on ball defender, while Hollins was one of the top defenders in the G League last season where he made an impact with his perimeter defense and ability to force turnovers.

Bryce Brown, James Young, and Tyler Hall all shot better than 40 percent from deep last season, while Andrew White III is a known sharpshooter and can make an impact with his outside shot. With several solid perimeter shooters, Westchester could potentially be a top three-point shooting team this season.

Postseason Action

It could be up for debate that Westchester may have the best roster on paper heading into the G League bubble. Outside of assignment players, seven players have NBA experience. Tyler Hall and Bryce Brown shot greater than 40 percent from three last season. Tra-Deon Hollins was one of the best defenders in the G League last season and will make a huge impact on the defensive end with Westchester. There is tons of talent on this year’s squad, which could lead to the Westchester Knicks making a postseason appearance.

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