Would you Boo Payton off the floor like hes's DSJ?

During Monday's loss to the Bulls, Clyde brought up how many Knicks fans would be more than thrilled if Thibs passed the starting PG reins his way. He also posed an interesting question. If there were fans at the garden, would they simply boo Payton off the floor? Then Clyde brought up the time when Knicks fans booed Dennis Smith Jr and chanted for Frank Nitlikina to take the floor in his place. Unless a miracle happens, Quickley is already better than Frank will ever be, and Elf may not be nearly as bad as DSJ was last year but the Knicks faithful make it known on social media night after night how much they would love for Quickley to be the starting PG. So this poses the question, if fans were brought back to the garden and you could watch a game would you boo Elf Payton like we did to DSJ(of course assuming he isn't having a career night)?