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Bucks 134, Knicks 101: Scenes from at least RJ played well


NBA: New York Knicks at Milwaukee Bucks Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks kicked off the second half of the season by getting their asses kicked. The Milwaukee Bucks broke away late in the second quarter and humiliated the Knicks in the second half en route to an easy 134-101 victory.

I’m only going to show one highlight of this game, because there was only one player on the Knicks worthy of note in this one. RJ Barrett scored 22 on an efficient 9-15 from the field. This dunk early in the game was excellent.

I guess Alec Burks (17 points) had his moments in the first half. Otherwise, this was a clown show. I noticed earlier in the day that some wildly overconfident Knicks fans weren’t quite respecting this Bucks team because New York handled them way back on December 27. Make no mistake, friends: The Bucks are good. They are extremely long and play disciplined defense. That defense manhandled the Knicks starters, whose lack of spacing was once again exposed as they kept driving into a wall of Bucks in the paint.

Julius Randle (7 points, 3-12 shooting) had probably his worst game of the season. Elfrid Payton (10 points, 4-14 shooting) showed once again why the Knicks were better when he was out with an injury. Derrick Rose better hurry back soon, because the schedule doesn’t get any easier.

Recap to come.