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Spurs 119, Knicks 93: Scenes from when your baby is hungrier than the Knicks

Don’t let the smile fool you...this game sucked.

I had to feed my daughter a bottle during halftime of Tuesday’s Knicks-Spurs tilt, and she dragged the feeding out so long that I missed most of the third quarter. The Knicks were down four at the end of a sloppy first half from both teams, so I was dying to see if New York had managed to pull things together and take the initiative.

They did not take the initiative. By the time Nora gave me a post-bottle burpy, the deficit had ballooned to 17. The Knicks were listless in the third quarter, scoring only 21 points to the Spurs’ 36.

But that wasn’t the weird part. Of the Knicks’ 21 points that quarter, 11 were scored by Frank Ntilikina. The Frenchman actually kept the Knicks within striking distance in the first part of the quarter with a trio of triples.

Frank ended the night with 13 points on 5-7 shooting in his first start of the season. Unfortunately, most of his teammates failed to show up. Julius Randle was tired and ineffective, scoring 14 points on 6-16 shooting. RJ Barrett was 5-9 for 15 points, but took surprisingly few shots. Reggie Bullock and Alec Burks straight-up sucked.

With the game out of reach in the fourth, Immanuel Quickley at least put on a show, scoring most of his team-high 26 points in the quarter.

Overall, a crappy experience. Recap to come.