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Game Preview: Knicks vs 76ers, 3/21/2021

10, 9, 8, 76ers

George McGinnis drives v Knicks Photo by Jim Cummins/ NBAE/ Getty Images

Well it’s been a nice little layoff for the Knicks but they’re back in action tonight and it’s possible the lineup could look a little different tonight. Still no Derrick Rose or Austin Rivers but some rotational tightness could be loosening up. Speaking of tight, the Knicks can’t seem to get much breathing room from their .500 record. A game up, or down but never straying too far from center.

Currently level at 21-21 and trying desperately to squeeze that sixth spot in the playoffs, it seems like the Knicks are only allowed to play in tight games these days too. Almost like the games want to dance with the record. Tonight they’ll be seeking revenge against that top tier NBA defense from Philadelphia. With any luck they’ll be able to find separation then rear up and step on their dance partner’s toe.

Philadelphia 76ers v New York Knicks

Projected Starters

Questionable is is the difference today as New York may have a few healthy bodies back.

With so much in flux, it’s hard not to just assume what we saw last time out is what we’ll get this go ‘round. I’d even suppose what we saw in the last half of basketball is what to expect tonight. If Thibs is still in a getting-a-look-at-things honeymoon maybe it will be even more different! I still am desperate to see an Quickley-Ntilikina-Barret-Randle-Robinson lineup. There’s just too much in the air right now to make a strong call here.

Frank Ntilikina v Shake Milton

Reggie Bullock v Matisse Thybulle

RJ Barrett v Danny Green

Julius Randle v Tobias Harris

Nerlens Noel v Tony Bradley

Same goes for Philly. I don’t know where they’ll be today. With much in flux and Seth Curry and Joel Embiid definitely out.

Yea and they went on to beat the stinky piss out of the Kings who are defenseless and languishing. Ruh!

New York Knicks v Philadelphia 76ers

Keys & Predictions

One of the mightiest struggles New York had in their last battle with Philadelphia was what the hell to do with Tobias Harris. The Sixers just picked Reggie Bullock’s bones down the stretch. Getting Harris to the left block and letting him go to work. After several easy ones, the doubles warily wandered over and he’d kick out or fake to the open shooters and the Knicks were easy prey.

Thibodeau neglected to put Ntilikina out there for defensive purposes against Orlando in the waning light of their victory. The Magic didn’t have a crafty scoring forward to go to down the stretch however. So while Reggie Bullock got a stop on someone his size, leveling up might be a problem. Luckily Ntilikina absolutely smothered the over-confident Aaron Gordon several times. It’s worth a look!

Hopefully the Knicks have Mitchell Robinson and Immanuel Quickley’s fresh legs, and they can run around the shorthanded Sixers.

Game is at 8:00, Knicks by -10

Philadelphia 76ers v New York Knicks Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Parting Shot

Twilights twirl and we often find ourselves spinning around this strange plane proclaiming unvetted truths. A sticky web over this galactic knit. It may go unnoticed and what’s underneath is the whole story at a glance. But let’s try and keep it clean for those around us, coming after us. Like a cap sheet. Maybe the stimmy will bring us into the next realm and we can celebrate.

Don’t take it so hard, so far. Even the bad times are good.

New York Knicks v Philadelphia Pennsylvania