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76ers 101, Knicks 100: Scenes from a victory stolen


NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at New York Knicks Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

I want to rage vomit and my wife is asking me to hold a very fussy baby, but I need to get 150 words here, so let’s go.

The Knicks haven’t beaten the Philadelphia 76ers in their last 15 meetings, but none of them were more painful than this one.

With less than one minute remaining and the Sixers up one, Alec Burks stripped Ben Simmons naked and had one man to beat with Julius Randle to his left. Now, if you’ve watched Alec Burks run the fast break this season, you know it almost always turns into a complete clusterfuck. The dude cannot convert a fast-break opportunity to save his life. Sure enough, he ignored Julius and butchered the layup. The Sixers then went up by three. Randle missed a layup with seconds remaining and Tobias Harris was fouled.

And then...madness. Harris missed both free throws, and the Knicks had the ball with seconds remaining. Everyone in the building knew the ball was going to Randle, and the big man delivered.

The Sixers then threw the ball away, and Randle missed a running three that actually would have won the game.

Now let’s get to the bullshit: The Knicks were up one in the closing seconds when Randle got called for the worst off-ball foul in history. Tobias Harris hit both free throws this time and the Knicks lost by one point.

I’m so angry. If you’re reading this, you’re probably angry too. Recap to come.