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Knicks acquire Terrance Ferguson, Vincent Poirier & a pick

We have a trade to announce...

Oklahoma City Thunder Media Day Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

First of many perhaps? The Knicks have officially cut ties with Austin Rivers after he got caught in the swell and floated from the rotation despite two fantastic games against Utah. Rivers came very close to reuniting with his pops but will be moving out to Oklahoma City where his contract threatens to keep him in limbo and purgatory all at once.

Also shedding Iggy Brazdeikis, the Canadian Michigan product that definitely seemed like the type of guy to hit a game winning shot and then punch you in the face to celebrate. I guess we’ll never have that glorious moment.

Incoming we have Terrance Ferguson and Vincent Poirier. Two end of the rotation fellas who may end up as quality practice players if nothing else. The Knicks also snared a 2021 second round pick that likely lands in the bottom five from Philadelphia.

It’s highly possible theres more to come as Toronto is shaking things up and Orlando has decided to blow it up. The arms be racing. Stay tuned.


The Knicks and their delectable cap space made this deal possible.