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Mike Woodson accepts coaching job with Indiana University

Congrats, Woody!

LA Clippers

There was a ton of speculation around the New York assistants lately. Kenny Payne was on the verge of a deal with DePaul, Johnnie Bryant was in talks with the Utah Utes. Both guys ended up pulling out of those situations and will remain with the team. The brushfire of interest is a direct signifier of the winds of change whistling through the city.

In the end not everybody sits tight and the Knicks will once again part ways with the lovable Mike Woodson. According to Shams Charania, Woody will become the new head coach at his alma mater Indiana University. The deal is reportedly for six years.

Woodson was born in Indianapolis and after playing all four years for the Hoosiers was drafted 12th overall by the Knicks in the 1980 draft. After his ten-year playing career, Woody kicked around the league as an assistant and had a couple turns as head coach, very notably at the helm for a Knicks team that won 54-games and made us all feel amazing for one enthusiastic season. He did pretty damn good all told.

Woody always had a way of making guys smile while he’s accosting them and that should translate well to the college ranks. A straight shooter and lovable old grizzly bear who can playfully talk shit to the young bucks. I’ll be sad to see him go, but this may be a long time dream for Woodson. I’m choosing to look at the bright side and hope that this may put him on a more brightly lit stage and maybe we’ll get more classic Coach Woody material.

Hopefully he got World Wide Wes’ digits while they were together. Congrats, coach!