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Ep. 95 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast

The Knicks are on fire, Tibs for Coach of the Year and the NBA Playoff Picture!

Hey everyone! I’m back with a new show this week breaking down the Knicks and the NBA! Here is the show rundown:

-The Knicks are on fire! I recap the incredible week for New York that saw them pick up four epic victories to make it eight straight wins and get to the fourth seed in the eastern conference.

-Plus, Tom Thibodeau is the frontrunner for coach head of the year in the NBA. Who are the other top contenders?

-I also take a look at the NBA playoff picture as it stands heading into the home stretch of the regular season. The Wizards are rolling, the Raptors and Bulls fight to stay in the race plus the Spurs are trying to seal up the last playoff spot out west and much more.

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To listen to this week’s podcast click here: Ep. 95 Shock Jacques Knicks Podcast.

Thanks as always for listening and stay safe!