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Game Preview: Knicks @ Celtics, 4/7/2021

SEGABABA for the bad guys.

Robert Parish For The Block Photo by Bob Stowell/Getty Images

These bad people have Luke Kornet on their team! They stole our sweet shooting, rim protecting large best friend. They don’t deserve such a fantastic BFG. Why can’t the Knicks hold on to some of these cool guys? Oh to re-sign a rookie, what must it be like?

As much as I want him back for Mitch’s Block Party, the newly acquired John Henson and Norvel Pelle offer a bit more mobility on defense and that sweet bouncy finishing at the rim. That duo isn’t specifically the style of player I’d try to pair with RJ Barrett and Julius Randle (or Obi Toppin but that’s another story) but they’re talented and they fit what Tom Thibodeau wants at the five spot about as cleanly as you could hope for this late in the season.

I miss Luke. I really miss Mitchell Robinson. I miss them.

Boston Celtics v New York Knicks Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Projected Starters

The Knicks sleep with rushing tide splitting around their beached carcass. Belly protected in the cool sand, left knee rested in a jackknife. Sometimes the rush breaks over their back and tickles them on the neck, back to sleep. Other times the gush runs up the front, insufflating a salty glug, gag and cough and sharpen that odd pose.

Elfrid Payton v Kemba Walker

Reggie Bullock v Marcus Smart

RJ Barrett v Jaylen Brown

Julius Randle v Jayson Tatum

Nerlens Noel v Robert Williams

Some would switch positions. Roll over or move up on the beach. The Knicks will be right where we left them.

1992 Olympics Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Keys & Predictions

This year COVID has really whupped up on the Celtics. At the outset of the season they were struggling to field a team. Their star, Jayson Tatum, got it and has complained about the lasting effects it’s had on his body. Tristan Thompson and newly acquired Evan Fournier are currently out for health and safety protocol.

It’s hard for me not to think about it today as I go for my second shot this afternoon. In New York anyone 16 and over can make an appointment now. I can’t wait to see the Knicks get theirs, if they publicize it. Of course, I don’t care if they don’t, certainly making every aspect of your life some kind of production or social media event sounds like a nightmare (should we check on Tristan Thompson’s awful chosen-family?) and they get criticized no matter what they do or say. Sometimes they do things that really could use a good smack in the head.

Can’t wait to see that guy step out of bounds in a critical moment costing the Clippers a pivotal playoff game and driving Kawhi Leonard out of Los Angeles and into the Knicks’ open cap space.

Who cares what happens tonight. The Knicks need a win. Treading water is not the art of basketball and Thibs isn’t really an inspired creative. His Elfrid paintin’ hangs on the wall as part of the permanent collection. I’ll take the win of the Knicks having overachieved without overspending this year. The inverse correlation to every season this century.

Game is at 7:30, Knicks by -35.

Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks Photo by Dick Raphael/NBAE via Getty Images

Parting Shot

I wish the Knicks had a point guard who could penetrate and score. Dish and keep the hot hand fed. If they did it in style I wouldn’t be mad either. Sue me.

New York Knicks v Boston Celtics Photo by Dick Raphael/NBAE via Getty Images