Cheer for the Deer!

As Alice Cooper tells it Milwaukee (pronounced - Meal - li - wok - ay) means the Good Land in Algonquian. Tonight it was most definitely where Knicks fans went to their happy place . The Bucks iced the Heat (sorry, three weeks away from being a first time parent, gotta bone up on my dad jokes and puns) and gave Thibs and his Fab Fifteen the chance to clinch the fourth seed on Sunday afternoon. How could we make this serendipitous season end any better? Let's top that delicious Sunday with a healthy pour of sweet Home syrup and a sprinkle of crunchy Celtics! Boston also played on Saturday. Alas, none of the Celtics played more than 31 minutes so if coach Brad Stevens wants to try and rain on the Garden (#there'sonlyoneGarden, #anditaintinBoston) parade by playing his starters regular minutes then the Knicks might be at a fatigue disadvantage. One would think that a smart coach such as Stevens would continue to limit the playing time of his core players ahead of their crucial play-in game on Tuesday. There is some question as to who will even be available to play for the Celtics. Kemba Walker, Tristan Thomas, and Marcus Smart are all questionable and Robert Williams is out. Regardless, the boys in blue and orange still need to bear down lest we see the likes of Evan Fournier and Luke Kornet rain role player shoulder chips down upon them.

Having home court advantage in the first round against a team like the Hawks that is roughly on the same plane of playoff experience should give the Knicks a better than even chance at getting through to the next round. And then...the possibilities are poppin' and horizons are expanded to the point of panorama. Maybe the Knicks get swept off the court...maybe Embid gets hurt and the 76ers as a team are shell shocked husks after a rock fight of a series against Charlingiana HornWizacers (no idea which team is gonna end up 8th, don't care, too hopped up on infinite probabilities). The Knicks' physicality grinds their bones to dust on their way to the Conference finals...maybe Elfrid Payton spontaneously combusts trying to guard Trae Young and Thibs is forced to give all of the point guard minutes to players who. I dunno, are actually competent at playing point guard. Side note: even when I think of Elfrid spontaneously combusting he is in slow motion, a beat too late as the air around him implodes first and then a couple of seconds later Elfrid belatedly follows suit. Who knows what sort of team the Knicks could morph into with twelve to fifteen minutes more of elevated play at point guard....maybe the top three seeds lose and all of a sudden the Knicks have home court advantage all the way to the Finals where they would face the surprising Memphis Grizzlies. More home court! Knicks ride the fully vaccinated full capacity Garden energy to their first title since the discovery of electricity!!!

(Huge breath) Gotta beat the M%$@#F#$@%^ Celtics first. But don't be afraid to dream big Knicks nation...and raise a glass to the Bucks!