Trade Pundits Stay Away from the Knicks!

For months now I have watched every Knick rumor and trade scenario posted by all the sports media experts and have never been more nervous than I am of recent. Knicks fans have hoped for "Batman" to come in and now the experts are hoping to pair someone anyone with our "Robin" Julius Randle. In every scenario a slew of the young talent the Knicks have accrued is being lofted up for some GM to spike how the next Melo haul from the Knicks.

Not to get distracted and rehash a bad trade, but again the Knicks are on the verge of becoming relevant again, they have amassed young talent and are in a good place. But is giving away the farm for Dame or the like really what the Knicks need? I agree they need a #1 but let's go for a Superman and his amazing friends and pass on Batman and Robin this time. Go for Dame or the like and send them our Robin and a handful of what might be draft picks 2, 3, or even 4 first rounders. Keep our athletic youth that were the only players to appear to not be overwhelmed by the Atlanta reverse box and 1 man zone. RJ, Obi, and IQ attacked the zone and yes made runs until our Coach of the year kept go back to his vets and sitting down the youth.

I like Tibs and I like D first teams but D and walking the ball up court does not go together. Randle is another ball stopper. Yes he had a great season and yes he did well in an offense that was PG less but he does not fit with the rest of the team and certainly does not fit with Dame.

So trade pundits stop discounting our future and throwing away RJ, Obi, IQ, Mich, and even Knox. Yes I would keep looking to find a way to get Knox going instead of relegating him to the bench. Add your vets Rose and Taj and a few others to balance out the team, pursue the RFA heavily and if there is a real opportunity to get a big name UFA then go for it, but protect our youth and move Randle if you are going to move someone he is worth more now than ever.

Here are some real options for the Knicks IMO:

PG - Lonzo Ball - by trade or by cash he should be a priority to the Knicks unless a Dame for Randle trade is viable

C - Richaun Holmes - This could be the steal of free agency, yes I love Mich but I do not love his injuries

PF - Jaren Jackson Jr. - This would be a steal if the rumors are true.

SF - Kelly Oubre Jr. - The Knicks were too small against the Hawks and RJ should be at the 2 where his strength and size can be even more effective.

Other noteworthy options if teams get insane: Dame (Randle and 4 1st rounders), Russell Westbrook if Washington decides to save on Cap, Karl Anthony-Towns (If Minn decides to rebuild and save cap), Haliburton/Fox if the Kings lose their mind and think they can not coexist. Zach Levine again team panic and the Bulls move him I see this as a similar to Dame (Randle and a handful of picks). Lastly if the Knicks decide to pursue Lauri for shooting purposes but I would not give up much for him.