Gotham looking for a Batman

After experiencing the highs of the 90s & early 2000s and the lows of the last 20 years, this season was a pleasure to watch and the sudden end does not diminish the accomplishment of proving the naysayers wrong and reaching the playoffs. With that said, one thing that should jump out and can't be ignored is that the knicks do not have a franchise superstar. RJ might one day be that player, but after watching Young, Luka, Ja and other young guns dominate in the playoffs and RJ struggle one can see the difference in wow effect that as of now RJ lacks. Randle is a building block, but he is more a Robin than Batman. Topin, Mitch and Quickly are more glue/role players than franchise. The rest of the roster is expendable. I won't try to make any outlandish trade proposal for unattainable/ cost prohibit players(Beal or Dame).

60 mil in cap

2 #1s in draft

That's plenty of ammo to upgrade an already playoff team. In Rose and Thibs we trust.