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Know the Prospect: Moses Moody

The Knicks would have to trade up for this talented Razorback.

Arkansas v Texas Tech Photo by C. Morgan Engel/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Many fans who watched the recent NBA Finals marveled at just how good Mikal Bridges was and how important a player like him can be in today’s game. The ability to be a pest on defense with a knack of making spot up jump shots to space the floor, all while not needing to be the focal point of the offense, all of these skills made Bridges the perfect supplemental piece to the star backcourt duo of Chris Paul and Devin Booker.

In Moses Moody, the Knicks could find a similar type of a player that would complement Julius Randle and RJ Barrett. At 6’6” with a 7’1” wingspan, Moody has the ideal physical dimensions be a menace defensively. He has both the strength to guard bigger players and the athleticism and quickness to guard smaller players. This ability to guard multiple positions on the perimeter and in the paint, while still being able to contest and bother shots at the rim, would immediately make him a key rotational player for the defensive-minded Tom Thibodeau. Bridges is an inch taller with the same wingspan and we have seen just how versatile of a defender Bridges is and how crucial he was to the Suns run, especially on the defensive end. Perhaps Moody can do the same for the Knicks going forward.

Moody also showcased some offensive potential as a freshman last year, averaging 17.4 ppg on 35.8% from 3, and 81.7% from the line. His shooting stroke seems to be sustainable, and while he does need some work shooting off the dribble and shooting on the move, his ability to be a spot-up shooter from day one will be very intriguing for teams.

Moody was also great at chasing offensive rebounds showing a knack for being in the right place at the right time. The former Razorback did show glimpses of the ability hitting pull up shots and make plays for teammates, but still leaves a bit to be desired on that end. His mediocre finishing around the rim and his inability to consistently create space for himself led to a 42.7% field goal percentage, which could limit his potential to become a premier NBA bucket-getter. That has led to scouts and GMs questioning his ceiling.

That being said, the Knicks already have Randle and Barrett, who seem to be the main ball-handlers going forward. And with Immanuel Quickley on the rise and another point guard hopefully coming to MSG soon, the Knicks need complementary players. Moody could be a perfect mix of defensive versatility and shooting that could help the Knicks now and in the future. He would make a lot of sense with the core already in place, especially when considering how important those kinds of glue players are in today’s NBA. Mock drafts have him going anywhere from mid-lottery to mid-first round. That means that the Knicks probably have to trade up in the draft to get him, though he certainly has the talent to be worthy of that kind of move.