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Knicks sign undrafted forward Aamir Sims

Give alllllllllllll the Sims.

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Clemson Dawson Powers-USA TODAY Sports

In 2009 a Courtney Sims played 11 minutes for the Knicks in a late-season blowout vs. Detroit. Until 12 hours ago he was the only Sims in franchise history; since then the Knicks have added two. After drafting Jericho Sims last night, New York signed Aamir Sims, an unrelated, undrafted forward out of Clemson.

The two-time All-ACC honoree averaged double figures his junior and senior years, seasons he also made 40% of his 3-pointers. Sims did some of everything, becoming only the fourth TIger ever with at least “1,000 points, 600 rebounds, 150 assists, 75 steals and 75 blocks in a career — joining Trevor Booker, Horace Grant and Larry Nance.” Those three combined to play 38 years in the NBA. Could Sims turn out to be a long-running big man, too? Maybe. You can see someone who might be able to do some damage as a combo forward off the bench — strong enough to attack non-jumbo 3s, with the speed and range to exploit certain slower 4s.

Can he dunk? He can.

Can he make the Knicks’ roster? Tough to see a fit right now, especially with $50M in cap room burning a hole in James Dolan’s pocket and the Knicks likely to invest quite a bit of buck this year in the forward positions. But with time and growth, who knows where the future may lead?