Thoughts on the Draft and Free Agency So Far

I think Grimes and Deuce are basically Frank in two players with a lower salary rate. It's a kind of reboot for the position of 2/3 defender. Kemba is a model for what IQ could become and seems like a great dude. Sims will be a fun guy to have around in the G-League, a Mitch-type guy so that someone like Deuce of the other PG's in the G-League can practice driving and lobbing in case they make it to MSG. And Sims perhaps could be a Noel / Mitch type guy to plug in as well.

I think what we are doing is doubling-down on what we have as well as preparing the younger players to be better supported in their growth process.

The last two years we signed a lot of guys to two-year contracts with team options which gave us maximum flexibility. This year it's three-year contracts with team options for the third as we are moving to the next stage of the rebuild and that is committing to what we have.

What all this does is show committment to each step of the process and the organization and the players. We are not out of the race for a star via free-agent or trade thanks to Randall's contract. We are moving to a place where a star could look at this team and think 'I want that' and 'We could win it all'.