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Kemba Walker gets buyout from OKC, will sign with the Knicks

He’s coming home.

NBA: Playoffs-Brooklyn Nets at Boston Celtics Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Last night I stayed up late writing about all the reasons to like this Knicks’ offseason. If I’d waited till today I could have included this unexpected news:

In another surprising twist for a front office that works in the shadows, the Knicks are adding the 30-year-old Bronx-born Walker — he of the career 20 points per game average and four All-Star nods. And though he suffered a relatively disappointing year last season after offseason surgery to inject stem cells in his left knee, he still put up 19 and 5 assists a game on league-average shooting from deep. Whereas this person did not.

P.S. It really is better to light candles than curse the darkness. In that vein, here were Elfrid’s two best moments in two years with the Knicks. Try to remember him for these.

Anyway, back to the future: with Kemba and Evan Fournier now Knicks, the offense should get a jolt. Walker and Fournier are better shooters than Payton and Reggie Bullock as a duo, and their off-the-dribble games and creativity are far more advanced. This should help make life easier for Julius Randle, who led the team in scoring, rebounds and assists last year; secondarily, RJ Barrett should find life easier with so many capable shooters on the floor.

The Knicks had $8M in cap space before signing Walker. Terms of Kemba’s buyout haven’t been released yet, but he’ll pro’ly cost the Knicks the minimum, so there’s still time to add another wing. I’m personally holding out hope for a Myles Turner trade, but in the meantime this has been an encouraging week of draft and free agent additions. How do you feel about the Knicks after bringing Kemba home? Comment away, you lovable fools.