Good or Bad?

Do the Knicks have enough talent to be competitive this year, and long term? That is the question. To keep this post short and sweet, everyone already knows the draft picks of Grimes and McBride and the re-signed players from last years squad. This post is mostly about Evan Fournier, Kemba Walker. Are they enough to push us out of the first round?

Max Kellerman made a good point that the Knicks could be a perennial loser to teams like Milwaukee, Atlanta, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and basically the teams that have multiple superstars that will continuously hold the Knicks as a playoff team, but not an eastern conference contender.

While I somewhat agree with him, I also think there are now 5 guys that are legitimate 20 point scorers on this team. Randle, Barrett, Fournier, Kemba, and D Rose. I'm not saying that each guy is going to average 20, but I am saying that each of these 5 have averaged 18-22ppg within the last year or so. Any given game the Knicks have the option to ride who's hitting shots, and feed them and be a lot more successful than they were last season.

If they can manage the shots, and share the ball (5 guys can't average 18 shots a game) they should be far superior to last years squad and capable of beating teams like Brooklyn or Milwaukee in my opinion. If they can figure out who the alpha dog is, and who should be taking shots in crunch time will be another determining factor.

Just my opinion, but I think these moves and adding multiple guys who can carry the load will allow the Knicks to not just hang around in games, but beat the top 3 or 4 eastern conference teams. What are your thoughts? Have the Knicks improved enough to make it through the first and second rounds of the playoffs?