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Elfrid Payton is reportedly signing with the Phoenix Suns

Our nightmare is really over!

2021 NBA Playoffs - Atlanta Hawks v New York Knicks Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Hello, friend. I have some good news for you—news that will hopefully quell the nightmares you’ve been experiencing over the past year or so...


Kick it one time for me, Kool & The Gang!

It seemed clear that the much-maligned point guard would not be returning once the front office signed Kemba Walker, but we couldn’t be quite sure. What if somebody got hurt mid-season and Elf was just sitting there, un-signed, beckoning coach Tom Thibodeau to bring him back?

But that’s over now. Payton is going to the Phoenix Suns to be the third-string PG behind Chris Paul and Cameron Payne. The Suns’ player development crew is top-notch, so maybe they’ll get something out of Payton that the Knicks never could. Maybe Elf will even win a ring with his new squad.

Whatever. Good riddance. Elf was one of the most hated players of the Dolan Era, joining an illustrious list of players like Jerome James, Eddy Curry, and Andrea Bargnani. Just think, Kemba will be taking those starter’s minutes now. Life is good, my friend.