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Knicks 2021 Media Day roundup

Evan Fournier will fight you!

New York Knicks Introduce New Signees Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

Knicks Media Days usually bring humor and false optimism before a lost season, like Enes Kanter talking about his nipples getting hard when thinking about the playoffs. This year, there’s reason for genuine optimism for once.

Let’s see how that affected Media Day.

Derrick Rose said that there was no point guard controversy, and that Kemba Walker will be starting, while displaying the hideous new Squarespace patch.

Rose also let us know the Knicks are going to get up more threes this year as they did at the end of last season, a far cry from when he said he was waiting for the playoffs to shoot them in a year the Knicks didn’t make the playoffs.

RJ Barrett excitedly introduced new Knick Kemba Walker as Mr. New York.

Kemba then discussed how Derrick Rose was one of the biggest influences in him choosing to sign with the Knicks:

Evan Fournier talked about how he practiced Judo growing up, then fulfilled every Knicks fan’s dream of threatening to fight Stefan Bondy.

He also spun a ball on his finger.

​​Quentin Grimes posted a TikTok...then deleted it before online trolls could call him a bust.

The rookies showed off their duds in non-deleted pictures.

Immanuel Quickley cheesed for the camera.

Julius Randle said he was doing too much against the Hawks in that series I don’t remember happening.

Kevin Durant wasn’t a fan of James Dolan’s proposal to play for the Knicks on weekends

It’ll be nice to have a season that doesn’t go downhill immediately after media day.