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Knicks 108, Mavericks 85: Scenes from the most complete game of the season from the starting lineup


NBA: Dallas Mavericks at New York Knicks Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks stomped all over the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night, rampaging to a 108-85 victory. The Mavericks had won six games in a row before tonight, and the Knicks kicked their asses from the opening tip. Good win.

This was perhaps the most balanced game of the year from the starting lineup, which has certainly its share of flak throughout the season. All five starters scored in double figures. The two standouts were RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson, who dominated Dallas in very different ways.

We begin with RJ, who led all scorers with 32 points on 13-22 shooting (4-7 from three), plus some terrific defense on All-Star Luka Doncic. RJ had 11 points on 4-11 shooting in the first half — nothing special, especially the way RJ has been playing of late. But he came out in total control in the second half, scoring 11 more points in the third quarter as the Knicks really took command. He was straight cash from the mid-range.

He also put the capper on the game with a ridiculous three from the corner.

As for Mitch, he bullied Dallas’ undersized frontline, particularly in the second half. Every time the Knicks’ offense stagnated, Mitch was there for a put-back. He finished with 19 points (on 9-10 shooting) and 10 rebounds.

Frank Ntilikina even got in at garbage time (and hit a shot). It’s all love tonight.

Recap to come.