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The Knicks acquired Cam Reddish, Solomon Hill for Kevin Knox and a first-round pick


NBA: Atlanta Hawks at New York Knicks Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The don, Leon Rose, has made his first big move of the regular season. The New York Knicks have acquired intriguing wing Cam Reddish from the Atlanta Hawks for Kevin Knox and a Hornets first-round pick. Veteran Solomon Hill and a Nets second-round pick will also head to New York in the deal.

Wow. There’s much to unpack here. First of all, let us bid Kevin Knox adieu. It didn’t work out here, but he’s generally a nice kid. That Charlotte first-round pick was acquired on draft night. It’s top-18 protected this year and top-16 protected next year.

The Knicks also dodged a bullet, as the Hawks were apparently interested in nabbing Quentin Grimes in the deal. The Knicks balked, and Atlanta settled for Knox and the Charlotte first.

Solomon Hill has only played 139 minutes this season, but as a deep reserve PF, he makes more sense than Knox.

OK, now about Cam Reddish...he was one of the top high school recruits in the country, and played at Duke with RJ Barrett. The Hawks took him with the 10th overall pick in 2019. He is a physical marvel — 6’8” with serious length — and has a pretty jumper. He has not put those gifts to much use since high school — he wasn’t good in his one year at Duke, and hasn’t done much for the Hawks. Still, he occasionally has games that let you dream on his incredible talent, like this 36-point performance against the Magic earlier this season.

To his credit, this season he has raised his three-point shooting to a very respectable 37.9%. Last season it was 26.2%, which can only be described as “straight butt cheeks.”

In terms of assets acquired, this trade looks like a steal for the Knicks. Reddish is by far the most talented player in this deal, and Leon Rose got him for very little. I do worry about fit, however. The Knicks are pretty stacked at the wing right now, and Quentin Grimes has been making the case for even more minutes. Will Reddish be taking Grimes’ minutes? That would be a mistake, as right now I believe Grimes to be the better player.

This move feels like a precursor to even more trades down the line. Will the Knicks deal Alec Burks? Could they perhaps even find a taker for Evan Fournier? Would that help them this season? Color me intrigued.