IT'S TIME for the Knicks' Front Office and Thibs to see the obvious

Good Day Knicks Faithful.

It has been 6 months since my last post "Trade Pundits Stay Away from the Knicks!" and I now feel compelled to jump back into the fray.

Plainly put It's time. Time for the front office and the coaching staff to get on the same page and admit to themselves the obvious, the Knicks have done an incredible job drafting over the last two seasons and the young guys are ready for more minutes. Obi, Quick, Grimes, Deuce, and even Sims are ready to step up to bigger roles than they are currently given. Their step out performances, their energy, and most of all their +/- numbers are just stupid. Last night's performance against the Detroit Pistons had Wally and Hahn shaking their collective heads. Let's breakdown some key points to why there needs to be one simple move.

Thibs is a defense first coach. The young guys bring energy and play better defense than the veteran starters. When you are a defensive team you look to score easy buckets in transition, again the young guys are better at this than the starting veterans. The veterans that are not starters Rose, Taj, and AB play Thibs' type of basketball, the veteran starters do not. These key points lead to an obvious result, it is time to move on from the dysfunctional, non-cohesive, starting veterans and play the talent you are developing as a front office and a coaching staff.

This does raise the question what to do with those three veteran starters. Thibs previous idea to bench Kemba had disastrous results. It created a disharmony that effected an entire team. So benching or relegating Randle, Fournier, and Kemba to lesser roles will again be a disastrous choice. Interchanging a part or two in and out of the starting lineup is not the answer as well. The AB experiment produced a 1-8 record.

The real obvious answer is more than just more playing time for the youngsters. The answer is the Knicks need to make a fundamental change and add talent that gels better with the youth movement they have built. The obvious answer is the Knicks need to package Randle, Fournier, and Kemba to the one team that obviously needs a culture change as well due to their difficult situation the 76ers.

The trade proposal:

Knicks get:

Ben Simmons

Seth Curry

Matisse Thybulle

76ers get:

Julius Randle

Evan Fournier

Kemba Walker

1-2 first round draft picks (if the Knicks front office works hard they may not need these)

This is a win-win trade for both teams. The 76ers get a current Allstar, a previous Allstar talent and a talented scorer that can play a half court style of offense that is more in tune with Embiid and all can help spread the floor. Julius adds rebound help that will put less strain on Embiid over the course of an entire 82 game season. The Knicks get a floor general to throw Mitch and Toppin lobs and hit RJ and Quick for inside out threes, he can cover any player in the NBA, he fits the coach's system by attacking the paint, and his ability to run the floor just enhances every player on the Knicks entire squad.

Both of these teams are .500 teams currently and are in need of a change. The projected starters for both teams just look really good on paper.


PG - Ben Simmons

SG - Emanuel Quickly

SF - RJ Barrett

PF - Obi Toppin

C - Mitchell Robinson


PG - Kemba Walker

SG - Evan Fournier

SF - Tobias Harris

PF - Julius Randle

C - Joel Embiid

The current consensus of a Ben Simmons trade is that it requires a 3-4 team deal to make the talent and math match up. This is the only one that does not. There is no clear loser in this trade and only upside for both teams that take them out of difficult culture situations that have both teams playing below their potential.