Othella Harrington is back with Knicks as assistant coach


The Tweet was mostly noteworthy for it’s inclusion of Rick Brunson, father to Jalen and former Knick, who joined the staff as a presumed sweetener to prying Jalen from the Mavericks as a free agent. But there was another semi-familiar face that caught my eye. The face was older and rounder but familiar nonetheless. I’m in my late 30’s, so I feel anxiety harsher than ever. An all too familiar moistness softened my palms. My breath shortened a tick. My stomach twisted itself into a noose. There, on the second page of the coaching list was the name of the newest assistant coach in charge of player development: Othella Harrington. To Knicks fans of a certain age, especially to us who started following the team under the darkness of Dolan’s ownership, Harrington evokes the most miserable period of fandom. Harrington was with the team from 2001-2004, and was brought in by then-GM Scott Layden. To put it frankly, Harrington sucked. In fact, he got dunked on, a lot. The 6’9" big man’s tenure overlapped with another rotund, undersized power forward in Clarence Weatherspoon. Neither had a name or game made for basketball. Both filled the void for the Knicks in the frontcourt and were outmatched nightly in power, size, and skill. Both averaged about the same measly single-digit points (career 7.4 PPG) and rebounds (career 4.4 RPG). Harrington was the de facto starter for the Knicks during the 2002-03 season, starting 64 games while averaging 25 mpg.