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Cavaliers 121, Knicks 108: Scenes from a loss guaranteed to launch a thousand takes

Did you know the Cavs traded for Donovan Mitchell?

NBA: New York Knicks at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

God, that sucked. The Knicks followed up their best third quarter of the season with a real stinker of a fourth. The Cleveland Cavaliers were much better than them last season, and — in case you hadn’t heard — they added All-Star Donovan Mitchell in the offseason. New York looked primed to pull off the upset, but the Cavs clamped down mercilessly late, and our guys were helpless.

Mitchell (38 points) destroyed New York in the fourth, along with Kevin Love (29 points). There were not one, but TWO four-point plays in the fourth quarter, as the Knicks defense basically ignored the three-point line...until it was time to foul, that is.

The bench, which was great in the first half, flopped against Love and Mitchell. The starters, who great in the third quarter, didn’t help matters. They lost the fourth quarter by a score of 37-15. That’s pathetic.

Recap to come.