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Suns 116, Knicks 95: Scenes from the return of Quentin Grimes (and not much else)

At least SOMEBODY looked good.

NBA: New York Knicks at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks pooped their collective pants in the second half on Sunday afternoon en route to a 116-95 loss to the Phoenix Suns. The Knicks actually made a game of it in the first half, tying the game just before halftime, though Phoenix ended up taking a two-point lead into the break.

Those good vibes quickly vanished as the Suns quickly showed that they are the superior squad. It didn’t help that the Knicks basically just quit (with a few exceptions).

One of those exceptions was Quentin Grimes, who really played well in his second start of the season. He had been out of the rotation, but you wouldn’t have known that based on his effectiveness on both ends. Superstar Devin Booker got 20 points, but he really had to work when he was guarded by Grime (7-17 shooting).

On the other end, Grimes led the Knicks with 8 assists. The threes didn’t fall (1-5), but everything else was working.

Jalen Brunson had some highlights as well (27 points), but not enough to justify the lack of effort on the other end from him and the other vets.

Recap to come. Stay warm!