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Knicks reportedly not interested in shedding salary despite Evan Fournier trade rumors


Atlanta Hawks v New York Knicks Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

The Knicks have been linked to multiple trade rumors over the last few weeks, and for good reason. They have a couple veterans in Derrick Rose and Evan Fournier who are currently not a part of the rotation, but could surely help out a contender. And they also have Cam Reddish, who also has drawn interest with his 3-and-D potential, sitting on the bench getting zero playing time. But while it seems like the team is open to trading one of, if not all, of those guys, they aren’t looking to trade them just to shed salary.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said on his podcast Wednesday, ”[The Knicks]’ll do business, but I think there’s been a concept that they might, like, attach a pick to get off of Evan Fournier or something like that. But to my understanding that’s not true. I think they would trade Evan Fournier—I mean he’s not playing for them right now, of course they would trade him. But I don’t think they feel any sort of desperation to clear cap space.”

Front offices can put out misguiding information to throw other teams off, and anything can happen, but this does make sense. The upcoming free agent class isn’t amazing, and the team currently doesn’t gain much by using one of it’s highly-coveted picks just to get rid of Fournier. For now, it seems like Fournier will stay a Knick unless they hear an offer they can’t refuse.