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Spurs 122, Knicks 115: Scenes from I don’t want to watch this team anymore


NBA: New York Knicks at San Antonio Spurs Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

This has to be 150 words for Google search purposes, so let’s get to it. The New York Knicks went out like bums on Thursday night, falling to the San Antonio Spurs 122-115 in a game that probably wasn’t even as close as the final score.

To put this loss into perspective, the Spurs rank:

  • 30th in net rating
  • 30th in defensive rating
  • 29th in offensive rating

You wouldn’t have guessed that last one by the way the Spurs were shooting it on Thursday night. San Antonio shot 51.1% as a team.

On offense, Julius Randle (41 points) and Immanuel Quickley (36 points) were the only ones who showed up. I guess you could count Evan Fournier and his 11 points, but I refuse to accept it, personally. Also, Randle got absolutely cooked by his counterpart, Keldon Johnson, who scored 30 points of his own. Romeo Langford put up a career-high 23 points. Yep.

And so the Knicks have lost five in a row. They suck against. In truth, they never stopped sucking. That eight-game winning streak was a filthy, filthy lie.

No recap.