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The Knicks and Cam Reddish are reportedly working to find a trade

Played solid, got hurt, out of the lineup... what’s going on and why?

New York Knicks v Denver Nuggets Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Cam Reddish. Words can’t fully describe, his career and more specifically his time in New York. In just 3.5 years, Reddish has gone from a very hyped, lottery pick going to an up-and-coming Hawks team, to trying to reinvent himself in a new role in New York. And now, he’s apparently looking for his third team in his short NBA career. It was reported earlier today that Reddish’s reps and the Knicks were working together in an attempt to get a deal done by the trade deadline since he seems to no longer be a part of this team’s current or future plans.

While Reddish was never a model of consistency, the fourth-year wing showed growth this season as he became one of the team’s best defenders. He also changed up his offensive game to play off the ball more. Reddish continued to show glimpses of just how special he could be with his shooting, athleticism, off-the-dribble creativity, and defense. But as Thibodeau looked to shorten his rotation to just nine players, Reddish was unfortunately left out in Sunday night’s win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fans, rightfully so, are irate as the team gave up a first-round pick for him last season and now look to be parting ways with him without giving him much of a consistent chance. There’s still no word on where he’ll go or what a return may look like, but this is not a move that looks good for the Knicks, their front office, or their coach.