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Trail Blazers 112, Knicks 103: Scenes from a pathetic end to the West Coast trip

Epic collapse.

NBA: New York Knicks at Portland Trail Blazers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks were up 82-59 with 4:55 to go in the third quarter against a Portland Trail Blazers squad that had just sold off most of their veteran pieces at the trade deadline. But this Knicks team is a joke — most of their vets suck ass, and the coach is desperate to play those sucky-ass vets. The Blazers outscored them 53-21 over the final 16:55 of the game to walk away with a 112-103 victory.

The season is over, folks.

This game had some good moments, though. Quentin Grimes was incredible, putting up 20 points in the first three quarters. Naturally, though, he didn’t even get a shot attempt in the fourth. Well, he had one...a three-pointer he splashed that was called off because of an offensive foul from Evan Fournier (1-13, four points). Julius Randle was good early, but resorted to iso-Randle tomfoolery late. Kemba Walker finally had a good game...again, through three quarters. He was dog chow in the fourth, though, and Tom Thibodeau naturally resorted to playing Alec Burks at PG. It didn’t work, friends.

Oh, and both Mitchell Robinson and Cam Reddish (who looked good in the first half), sprained their ankles. Thibs actually played a clearly hobbling Mitch late in this one, until he finally wised up. What a shitty coach.