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76ers 123, Knicks 108: Scenes from one glorious minute of Deuce McBride at PG

Better than nothing, I guess.

NBA: New York Knicks at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Friends, if I told you that RJ Barrett scored 30 points (along with six rebounds and seven assists!), Cam Reddish played some quality basketball, and Miles McBride saw the court, would you be happy? I suppose you could say Wednesday’s 123-108 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers was a decent result. The Sixers look like legit contenders after acquiring a rejuvenated James Harden. The Knicks played them tough enough, I suppose.

But man, am I sick of head coach Tom Thibodeau’s bullshit. The Knicks got fucking waxed in the third quarter, 38-19, as the offense stagnated once again. Point-Burks was in full effect, and RJ didn’t see much of the ball. The second unit, which buoyed New York in the first half struggled, except for Cam. Thibs mercifully kept Cam in until the finish, replacing an ineffective Evan Fournier. Of course, he also brought back Burks, who finished 2-11 from the field, often stumbling and bumbling toward the hoop for futile layup attempts that were inevitably smothered by Joel Embiid. With the game in hand, Deuce got 1:15 of playing time.

Following the game, Thibs had this to say:

Burks is the best we can do? Man, what an insult. Recap to come.